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Give yourself a chance to fulfill your professional ambitions!


Metaal Flex Poland offers stable employment, interesting and challenging work in various jobs, both for women and men. We match jobs to the skills of our employees in a professional way. We have short and long-term job offers. We provide comprehensive organization of travel to work: health insurance, transport, accommodation, care by Polish residents, as well as pleasant and friendly atmosphere during your stay in the Netherlands. Every year hundreds of persons travel to work for our principals.

If you are a person who is looking for new work, attractive both financially and professionally, you can rely on the services of Metaal Flex Poland Employment Agency. With us you can be sure of your success!

The additional advantage of using the service of the company, being registered in the database, searching for potential employers, organizing interviews, career counseling, etc. is the fact that they are completely free for you! At the same time you can be assured of total commitment on the part of our employees on your behalf.

Give yourself a chance to fulfill your professional ambitions!