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Pn - Pt 9:00 - 17:00

  Czerwińskiego 2, Kędzierzyn-Koźle

Work in the Netherlands

Join us!

Your cooperation with Metaal Flex starts in Poland with the signing of a contract which determines the pay and working conditions during your stay in the Netherlands. Metaal Flex guarantees you high pay and a friendly and a welcoming work environment. We make every effort to build a positive relationship between foreign entrepreneurs and Poles looking for work in the Netherlands.


If you are looking for work through Metaal Flex, we offer you

  • Transport – favorable conditions of travel to the Netherlands and free shuttling to work.
  • Accommodation – Metaal Flex offers its employees comfortable living conditions. You will be accommodated in one of our company houses. Rooms are arranged for 2-3 persons. The kitchen, living room, toilets and bathrooms are shared.
  • Administrative matters – the first day after arriving in the Netherlands is a day for organization, when the working conditions are discussed, the so called sofi number is obtained the contract of employment is signed.
  • Remuneration – pay days are scheduled every 4 weeks, in designated weeks of the year. By the time of the first payment, you can receive weekly advances. For administrative and security reasons, wages are transferred to the bank account you indicate.
  • Insurance – from the start of work our employees are covered by the basic health insurance.


   If you have  a valid Polish ID card and you are looking for a legal, stable job in the Netherlands, you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!